Pre-school nursery in Montreal

By entrusting your child to the Garderie Rose des Enfants, he or she will be able to benefit from the various activities of the nursery school.

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School Preparation

Enrol your child in our pre-school nursery in order to better prepare your child for school. We offer a wide range of activities to help them socialize and develop their potential.

We advocate friendly and caring interactions to enable your toddler to build trusting relationships with staff and children of their age. We organize daily outings, socio-cultural festivals and workshops to give children an opening to the world.

We allow your child to develop harmonious relationships with those around him/her.

 Pre-school nursery in Montreal
Pre-school nursery in Villeray

Introduction to languages

In our daycare and nursery we introduce your child to the English or French language, all the while respecting the learning of their mother tongue.

We promote exchanges while accustoming them to a foreign language through discovery workshops. We also stimulate their sense of creativity through activities and workshops. In order to develop your little one's personality and imagination, we let them make decisions and take initiatives.

Your child will be able to learn English or French.

We accompany your child in the different learning processes leading to independence:

  • Walking
  • Language
  • Cleanliness
  • Politeness

Are you looking for a pre-school nursery near Villeray or Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie? Stop over at our place! We will be happy to meet you.