Educational Philosophy in Montreal

The Garderie Rose des Enfants helps families reconcile professional and family life.

By offering services adapted to each child, the nursery allows parents to leave their children with peace of mind.

Our educational philosophy is based on several principles, including

First of all, the Garderie Rose des Enfants must not only be a childcare centre, but must provide children an educational and fun environment, a living and joyful space that giving way to fantasy, spontaneity, humour and friendship. A place where children live an age-appropriate life, build their personality through games and the pleasure of playing.

The most important thing is that your child is free in his or her activities; nothing is imposed on him or her. The Garderie Rose des Enfants team sees itself as a partner for parents in the education and care of their children.

Garderie Rose des Enfants
Garderie Rose des Enfants
  • Opening up to the world: giving children an opening to the world by organizing sociocultural celebrations (birthdays, carnivals, Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.) and making them discover culinary dishes from elsewhere.
  • Wonder and imagination: develop a certain openness of mind and imagination through playful games and special activities (clowns, magic, puppets, storytellers, etc.).
  • Parent-professional exchange: exchanges between early childhood professionals and parents are essential to establish a climate of trust and friendliness for the well-being and development of the child. Take the time to talk, listen, understand and adapt in order to find solutions together.
  • Socialization: enabling children to learn about community life.
  • Independence: helping your child and accompanying him/her in their different learning processes which lead to independence (walking, language, cleanliness, eating alone, saying thank you, please, waiting his/her turn, sharing, giving, lending...) taking into account his/her own personal development and his/her own pace.
  • Developing one's personality: letting them make decisions and take initiatives to stimulate their future personality.
  • Creativity and awakening: develop and stimulate the creativity and senses of each child through activities and workshops. To promote children’s physical and verbal expression, their intellectual, sensory and psychological development through games, reading...
  • To cultivate your child’s secret garden: respect his/her moments of intimacy by letting his/her play alone in order to develop his/her imagination, personality and cultivate his/her secret gardens.
  • Foreign languages: develop his/her aptitude for a foreign language, English or French, while respecting the learning of his/her mother tongue. For children with a foreign mother tongue, the aim is to introduce them to French or English before they go to school. For other children, develop their aptitude for a foreign language with discovery workshops.
Garderie Rose des Enfants