Activities calendar

It is also important to plan different types of activities during the course of a day. Here's what the ROSE DES ENFANTS educational curriculum has to offer:

  • Yoga on Monday
  • Music lessons on Tuesday
  • Introduction to English every Wednesday
  • External outing (outdoors in the yard or park)
  • Crafts according to the theme of the week
Garderie Rose des Enfants
  • Discussion period
  • Dinner
  • Nap, rest ((read a story before nap time)
  • Routines: washing of hands, toilet training, snack,
  • Free play period
Garderie Rose des Enfants

On the curriculum:

  • Introduction to English every Monday.
  • Little chefs, cooking workshop on the first Friday of every month.
  • Our storytelling hour at the Prévost library every Thursday.
  • Possibility of a varied menu (vegetarian)
Garderie Rose des Enfants
  • Library (storytelling time)
  • Swimming pool
  • Professional Photographer
  • Zootherapy activity with a professional
  • Illusion Puppet Theatre in St-Denis
  • Visit of Santa Claus
  • Visit of a magician
Garderie Rose des Enfants
  • Visit of a mascot
  • Music lessons (Tuesday morning) and English on Wednesdays
  • Yoga classes 2 times a week
  • Pre-school curriculum for 4-5 year olds
Garderie Rose des Enfants

We offer a rich and well-developed program